Due to a lack of quorum of general members, we were unable to hold our elections for Executive Board Officers for next year.  As a result, we are holding one ADDITIONAL General PTA meeting on  Tuesday, June 20th at 7:00pm in the Black Box Theater.   It will be a quick meeting,  as there will be only one item on the agenda – ELECTIONS.  We will be taking nominations from the floor for officers for next year, and electing them at this meeting.  Your time, talent and vote is so important to the success of this PTA.  Please come, nominate someone or YOURSELF, vote and be heard!  We need a minimum of SIX (6) parents to attend this special, quick meeting.  Please contact the PTA at: if you can attend.  THANK YOU.



WHAT A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS SATURDAY NIGHT WAS!  A great big thank you to all who helped make this night a success, and to all who attended, reminding us all of what great parents we have behind those wonderful teens!


A Special Thank you to the McCourts who continue to support the efforts of the school and PTA!  It was wonderful to have you all there, and we hope to continue the tradition.  Malachy McCourt- your singing is always a highlight of our event.  We hope you will always grace us with a song and your presence!

Another Special thank you to all our donors who helped us to provide a record setting amount of items for bid!  Here’s a nod to some of those donors:































Kiehl’s                                               Glasers Bake Shop

Kosher Marketplace                             Maison Pickle

Park East Butcher                                     Jacobs Pickle

Mansion Diner                                  Hudson & Charles

Eileen Fisher                      North Square Restaurant

Fred’s Restaurant                                          Pologeorgis

Kirsh Bakery                                            Tommy Bahama

Chef Ho’s Peking Duck          Tampopo Restaurant

and to all of our parents and friends who donated items!  We couldn’t do it without all of you!



Alphie McCourt youngest brother of Frank McCourt died on July 2nd 2016.  Always a great supporter of FMHS, Alphie attended our last Silent Auction where he was captured on Video singing an Irish Ditty.


Be an involved parent.

The PTA is our way as parents to participate in the FMHS community. Not only is it a resource to get information, it is a way we can have a positive impact in the classroom. Through funds raised and volunteer efforts we’ve been able to:

  • help cover bus costs for college tours
  • organize and provide food for community building events like our Fall Pot Luck
  • negotiate a high quality, low cost ACT  prep course through ibid Prep for FMHS students
  • support classroom projects like Ms. Mathes Soap Making Project and Ms. Gates Podcasting Project
  • provide funds for art supplies and graphing calculators
  • cover the costs for Naviance, our college and career readiness software
  • assist with other senior activities (prom, senior trip, yearbook and graduation venue)
  • assist with the cost of Camp Bernie
  • provide college resource books
  • and much more…

Please join the parents who have already


I’m looking at you, Freshman Parents!!

We have a lot of help from upper class parents but we need new parents to start getting involved. Learn the ropes from those who’ve done it before. It’s not hard if we all pitch in.



SUNY Financial Aid Days Starting in January.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

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Get financial aid reminders and on-demand guidance by text.

Check out the app!


Our PTA Executive Board is:

 Co-Presidents: Maria Hartman and Loretta McGarry                                                    Co-Vice President: Susan Crowson and Pape M. Diedhiou                                    Co-Treasurers: Chrissy Wojcik and Toby Kovacs                                                       Co-Secretaries: Rachel Laiserin and Sheila Williams                                                    Chair of communications: Susan Graef

 Chair of Fundraising: Tukashi Knox 

 SLT Reps: Laura Thorpe, Ann Marie Foss (Head of  Family Giving),  Maria Hartman, Susan Crowson


Order your FMHS Spiritwear ONLINE!


Purchase your items online and your order will be available for pick up through your child’s advisory.

You can also download an order form HERE.


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