Frank McCourt High School

145 West 84th Street, New York, NY 10024
Phone: 212.362.2015  / Fax: 212.362.5926

Our PTA Executive Board:

  • Co-Presidents: Susan Crowson and Randy Schein
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Susan Graef and Loretta McGarry
  • Treasurer: Dr. Galit Ben-Joseph
  • Co-Treasurer: Lauren Mack
  • Recording Secretary: Sheila Williams
  • Co-Recording Secretary: Maureen Frank
  • Chair of communications: Susan Graef
  • Chair of Family Giving: Ann Marie Foss
Any questions, concerns or suggestions, contact us at

School Leadership Team Parent Representatives:

  • Laura Thorpe
  • Laura Mitgnag
  • Susan Crowson

Contact the SLT at