Family Giving




Dear Families,

Did you know that your PTA is responsible for funding many initiatives, including:

College trips for sophomores and juniors • The school newspaper “McCourt News” • Subsidizing costs of some senior activities • Defraying the cost of Camp Bernie • Supplemental funding for Teacher-led projects, classroom supplies • Teacher Appreciation Events • School Leadership Team (SLT) community building initiatives, and more!

In addition, starting this past September, we began  supporting the implementation of a new program into the school curriculum, The Peer Group Connection!  The program provides a wonderful opportunity to help freshmen transition into high school through regular peer mentoring, and for upperclassmen to learn valuable leadership skills as peers.

But to provide for these and more — We need your help!  This year’s Family Giving goal is $40,000, so we’re asking everyone to please consider a generous contribution.  Last year we worked hard to raise participation, and we‘re really hoping to reach 100% this year.  We also want to apply for grants, and many require a high percentage of family participation — so even if you can only afford a few dollars, that’s OK!  That’s right–anything you can donate helps-every penny counts for ‘participation’ purposes for GRANTS. This year we have been ranked nationally and there’s no stopping us!

Please click either the “DONATE”  or “SUBSCRIBE” button below to contribute via credit card or Paypal.  You can also mail your check or money order, payable to Frank McCourt High School PTA, at the address below, or deliver to the school office directly (No cash please), with the enclosed form.  We have “501(c)(3)” status as a charitable organization, which makes your contribution tax deductible and perhaps even eligible for your employer’s charitable donation matching program.  Please check the matching gift policy where you work – it is really helpful to get employer matching gifts!

***All contributions remain private***

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE – your financial support is crucial to enriching your child’s high school experience and supporting our Frank McCourt High School community.


Here’s how you can help.

DONATE ONLINE  with a  Credit Card or through PayPal.   For a ONE-TIME donation, please click on the DONATE button below.  If you would like to make a donation in MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS, please choose an option and click on the SUBSCRIBE button below.


Monthly Payment Options – Choose an option and click on the Subscribe button.  Currently, this button allows for 6 equal monthly payments to be made, so please take that into consideration when choosing an option.



WRITE A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER payable to FMHS PTA and send it with the DONATION FORM (download HERE) to:

145 West 84th Street, Room 321T
New York, NY 10024

or drop it in the PTA mailbox in the FMHS office.