Our next meeting will be March 1st at 6pm

Here’s what has happened since the Oct. 6 meeting.

  1. I have called Naviance to see if they can do a demo for the PTA. I cc-d the College Team at FMHS and Ms. Houlihan wrote me back that it was a great idea. We will keep you posted on that.
  2. We’re waiting on information regarding the number of students enrolled in College Now courses. A survey is in the works to gather more information.
  3. Marilyn Lee has been making phone calls to test prep organizations to find an off-site location that could potentially take a group of our juniors—preferably at a discount. She has called Applerouth, Princeton, and some others. I”m trying to set up a call with Marilyn and IbID prep to see what they could offer us this year. (they are literally down the block from school, so there’s potential for a long-term relationship).
  4. We sent Fiske Countdown books for all the Sophomore advisories.