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From the PTA President

From PTA President Robin Klueber:

On Friday, October 16, I met with Danielle to discuss those issues raised at the PTA meeting on Tuesday. Here is the re-cap:

Communication: Danielle said she would forward to parents any correspondence from us, using her data. I have asked Robin B to forward to me the link so that parents can sign up for our e-blasts, I will put a letter out to parents once I have this.
School Safety: Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. I will be attending the building-wide School Safety meeting. I will at that time find out if the Officer-in-Charge could attend our next general PTA meeting. Meanwhile, I think we should put on next month’s agenda the discussion we need to have as to our opinion on getting rid of the scanners, in exchange for more officers patrolling the halls and sidewalks.We should state our views and address this with both the DOE and the School Safety office. SEE NOTES FROM THIS MEETING.
College Prep: I told Danielle we were planning on asking someone from Nivance to come in to speak, she suggested I run that by Eileen. There has been some thought that Niviance is very expensive for what it does; i.e. the search engine is comparable to that which is offered free on the College Board site. However, the electronic transcripts specific to comparing to FMHS may not be. Nivance has been paid for by the PTA, as you know. The contract has to be renewed this Spring ($6,000?). I think it’s perfectly fine if we get Niviance in ourselves to speak.
I put an email to Eileen regarding a speaker to address Financial Aid. Danielle says Eileen has a forum on that in January/February, but I don’t remember it. Does anyone else?
After school homework help: I proposed that the PTA is exploring the idea of helping with the financial help for more/additional after school homework programs, as suggested by Bill. She said she doesn’t know how that would work, as parents are not supposed to pay teachers, or give them money. Danielle will check with the DOE to see how this could happen. Teachers are paid $45 per hour, if we did 1 1/2 hours with two teachers once a week it would amount to about $4,000 for the rest of the year.
Financial: Danielle will be doing a final collection for Camp Bernie this week and will let me know Friday how much they’ve collected. (I have read the emails regarding collection, this is certainly a disappointing issue if in fact that is the case). Danielle has not yet ordered the signs that were paid for by last year’s graduates, but she will do.
SLT: Danielle will bring budget to the next SLT meeting. DO WE KNOW IF WE ARE MEETING ON NOVEMBER 3? SUSAN C REQUESTED WE MOVE THE DATE.
Other: my notes;
  • I will contact the DOE Parent Rep people we spoke about at Tuesday’s meeting to see if they could come to the next PTA meeting November 13.
  • Do we want to ask Danielle to come to our next EB meeting? She had offered to come when requested.
  • Do we know when we can expect the Spiritware, should be this week, right?