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We are currently focusing on the following important fundraising opportunities:

Family Giving Fund Drive –  ongoing! Donations accepted all school year long!
We launched our fund drive for the year in September with a big push for participation from as many families as possible. This year, with our support of the school’s new Peer Group Connection program, we are hoping to raise at least $20,000 from Family Giving to use towards our total budget of over $30,000 for this school year.  Your participation is important, and much needed! As of May 10,  2017 we are 97% of the way there, with $19,407 received so far.  Thank you so much to all who donated.  We still need $593, and are hoping many more families will donate.  EVERY donation is meaningful!  Click on the DONATE or SUBSCRIBE buttons on our DONATE page to add your support.

Auction/Casino Night – May 20, 2017 – RECORD SUCCESS!  We raised over $9,600 on our best attended event ever!  We cannot thank enough all our donation seekers, donors, planning folks, bakers/cooks, and all those that ran around to get all the donated food and items to this tremendous event.  A huge, grateful thank you to Hally Ganges and Maria Hartman for donating a fabulous venue, game tables and dealers for our annual casino night.  We had over 100 attendees, and a record 80+ items for bid.  

Election Day Bake Sale November 8, 2016 – SUCCESS!  We raised a little over $3,200 with our very first bake sale!  Thanks to all those who baked, donated and helped out.  This is definitely a fundraiser to repeat in the future.

Barnes and Noble Book Fair – December 7-17, 2016 – RECORD SUCCESS! Tremendous thanks to all who helped out, participated, and purchased!  We raised $1,497.30 on a little more than $9,000 in sales! That’s a record amount for our bookfairs.  Look for this to be even better next year!